WARNING!! TO ALL PET OWNERS ~ Our mission is to  help save another pet and family from a potential traumatic experience.

 With the increasing use of d-limonene as a substitute for chlorinated hydrocarbons, CFC and other organic solvents, a demand has arisen for more knowledge of the health effects of this substance.  I have done extensive research on this offending  chemical and it is called d-limonene. D-limonene is a chemical regulated by the EPA as a pesticide.  The statistics on it's health effects on dogs and cats are scary.  

I wanted to share my research with you because pet owners need to know how some chemicals are effecting the health and well being of our beloved pets.  Studies and cases from: Journal of Venterinary Medicine, AVMA, EPA, NIH, CDC, WHO, NLM, TOXNET, PUBMED - It is recognized to cause eye, skin and lung irritation in varying degrees. D-limonene is a chemical that enhances skin absorption and helps other chemicals to travel into the blood faster. Animals have also exhibited hypothermia, tremors, central nervous system effects, respiratory effects, behavioral changes, ataxia, excess salivation, agitation, seizures, septicemia and other life threatening skin disorders.  D-limonene has also caused liver and kidney failure, coma and death. There is clear evidence in lab studies that it caused cancer in male rats.  Some specific studies/cases are listed above.  


Veterinarians that work in dermatology or critical care are well aware of the adverse effects this chemical has on our dogs and cats. This chemical is being used to satisfy the "natural" marketing ploy for pet manufacturers. "Natural" does not mean harmless.  It's benefits do not outweigh the harm it can do. People love their animals and they need to be made aware of this potentially life threatening chemical before another pet becomes so ill or dies. Dog and cat owners deserve to know this type of knowledge.  Even I a doting pet owner never knew of this problematic chemical.    Dogs and cats have such a short life span on this earth so why would authorities want to possibly shorten it even more by allowing a chemical like this to be used?


 I started a petition to not allow this chemical to be used in pet products anymore.  This is one thing we can do together to help save our pets.   Our pets deserve safer products!  The link below will bring you to the petition where you can sign.  Thank you for your support.